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Recruit Requirements

Employees in Trio will not only grow up as an employee but also develop the company as a leading role.
Job Categories Project Manager(PM)/Project Leader(PL)
Relevant experience in project management,skills of project management(Including management and promotion, process management,employees management, subject management and so on),those who have been in charge of a part or more are required.

System engineer(SE)/Programmer(PG)
Requirement definition,basic design,detail design,programing,test and verification,combination test,import,imgration,app maintanence, system application, education training, other system development,those who have been in charge of a part or more are required.
Work Space Tokyo CBD or areas around
Employee Types Official Employee, Contract Employee
Salary Decided by experience and professional skill,salary increased once per year,bonus salary given twice per year,transportation fee paid by company.
Work Time 9:00~18:00(one hour for lunch break) ※Distinguished by work site.
Treatment ・2 days off/week, day off with salary, summer holiday, antenatal and postpartum day off, special day off, celebrate day off, educate kid day off, nursery day off
・health insurance, endowment insurance, employment insurance, disaster insurance
・visit payment, condole payment system,health support system providing employees with special treatment
・awards for cetifications, special leader payment
・employee stock holding participation accepted (with predetermined conditions)
・dormitory available for employees
Requirements ・fresh graduates(gradute recruitment)
・above 2 years' system development experience in Japan(mid-career recruimentt)
・regardless of nationality, being able to communicate in bussiness Japanese(common condition)
Way Of Interview resume, job experience's check and interview
Way Of Recruit recruit at anytime ※Please refer to the following「Q&A about enroll」

Q&A about enroll

Please fill in the resume(free format)and job experience( company format )(Microsoft Excel)by Japanese, and send them to the following email address only when you agree with our company's 「About the handling of personal information in recruiting」 .
email address: saiyou@triosys.co.jp
※Qualified candidate will receive an interview notification, be sure to fill out the contact details such as mobile phone and email.